Yousef Al Guindy Street

WOW UNCHAINED – Yousef Al Guindy Street

The GrEEK Campus is a huge concrete building, built in the style of Brutalism. WOW Unchained’s artists created street art on  the walls facing the streets of Mohamed Mahmoud and Yousef Al Guindy.

WOW Unchained added its street art to the walls of the GrEEK Campus without painting over existing graffiti. Most of the graffiti from the Egyptian revolution had already been white-washed by the authorities. What remained of the old graffiti was left in its dilapidated condition, or included in the new artworks.

Following artists painted at the walls facing Yousef Al Guindy Street: Ahmed Abdallah, Egypt, Nour Shoukry, Egypt, Ahmed Nour, Egypt, Naguib, Egypt, Gehad El Shaikh, Egypt, Chanel Arif, Egypt, Yara Hindawi, Jordan, Salma Fahmy, Egypt, Sam 909, Egypt, Emna Messai, Tunisia, Salma Zackaria, Egypt.


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