Laila Ajjawi

Laila Ajjawi

Fine Artist


I’m a Physicist, Peer trainer, writer and an Artist, Jordanian living in Irbid-city, My hometown is Jenin- Palestine, as an artist the color materials I use: Colored-Pencils , Oil on canvas, Ink, Water-colors , Graffiti and Digital Art .
Long time ago since I knew how to hold the Pencil I start drawing directly from my imagination, years after ( 18 years ) I’ve been classified within the Surrealism art-school.
I express the ideas and reality within my own perspective of life.
I’m interested in drawing realistic-Manga/catroon/cutting edges anatomy and fiction characters/creatures and drawing story-board.
I started five years ago within the voluntary work and personal business, I used to draw using oil colors and acrylic, recently I used spray- colors.
As being hyper imaginative person, I had to try another tools and objects to express myself and my thoughts more and more, including my “worlds”.
I wrote  short stories and  articles – pulse the novel that I didn’t release yet which is a combination of my writing and artistic skills transforming one of my worlds into reality.
I had won in Art field , Writing field, Short movies a total of six prizes.
 I’m also interested in Paranormal phenomena – science –  psychology – social science – comics – nature and environment – ancient Arab mechanic science – ancient empires – cinema

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twitter: @laila_ajjawi