Khadija Mostafa

Khadija Mostafa

Visual Artist



Khadija Mostafa is an Egyptian visual artist and fashion designer who’s graduated from faculty of fine arts in 2008.. She’s a multitasks artist, as she has experience in different fields of art like painting, graphic design & digital art, photography, illustration, graffiti, fashion design, performance and others..

Khadija Participated in many art exhibitions, biennales and fashion shows in Egypt and in different countries like Germany, Greece, Romania and Poland..

She also participated in many youth and social programs which the most important is SWY “ship of the world for youth” as she’s now a part of the global alumni SWYAA and the Egyptian one EASWY..

Now Khadija has her own fashion brand “Dija Mo” and still practicing different kinds of art and participates in exhibitions and

workshops on a regular basis, to learn more about different aspects of art.

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contact Khadija web:
twitter:  @khadijamostafa
Instagram:   khadija_mostafa