WOW Jordan

WOW Baladk Street Art Festival

WOW Baladk is the first regional street art festival in the Middle East. 25 artists and graffiti painters (50/50 male and female) will gather in Amman and work together for a week. WOWBaladk is a joint cooperation between WOW – Women on Walls – the Cairo based network of graffiti artists who use graffiti and street art to talk about women, and Al Balad Theater in Amman.

The theme of the WOWBaladk Street Art Festival is “Stories from Fear to Freedom”.

Date: October 7th – 11th, 2014

 Place:  Ras Al Ain Gallery, Amman

WOW Baladak 2014 Artists: Hashem Kalesh, Egypt, Nour Shokry, Egypt, Enas Aead, Egupt, Shady Rabab, Egypt, Mona Al Boghdady, Egypt, Sam Graffiti, Egypt, Amanda Kerdahi, Egypt, Hend Kheera, Egypt, Yousef Mohamed, Egypt, Khadiga Mostafa, Egypt, Mike Derderian, Jordan, Screw Crewx3, Jordan, Wessam Shadeed, Jordan, Laila Ajjawi, Jordan, Louzana Taha, Jordan, Shereen Yaish, Jordan, Hamza Al Salhi, Jordan, RabihRabah, Qatar, Nour Qussini, Qatar, Mariam Hajii, Bahrain, Fadi Al Harbi, Yemen, Maram Al Huniti, Palestine, Carolina Falkholt, Sweden.

Some of the artists artworks:

The venue:


WOW Baladak theme:

  • Theme: Each year, WOW tries to choose an overall theme for the work and previous projects have focused on different issues like women in the public space, empowerment, sexual harassment and violence, and female icons. The goal is to have artists connect to the issues through their own personal experiences and stories. This year we have chosen Stories from Fear to Freedom as the theme to connect both the aim of the project with our personal stories of both fear and freedom. We are asking each artist to submit sample sketches of how you would creatively express this statement on a wall.


WOW Baladk will include:

  • Longest wall in Amman to be painted by artists
  • Graffiti, visual art & community art dedicated to

empowering women’s rights.

  • Local live music & open mic sessions.
  • Street art seminars from the Arab region
  • Showcase of photos & art work related to women’s rights.
  • Space for women rights based local initiatives & organizations to promote their work & objectives.
  • Open space for locals’ interaction with the area through art.
  • Local snacks & beverages.

This festival will place Amman and Jordan on the map of street art and street festivals of the world, with an expected huge media coverage…

A graffiti from Baladak project 2013



Baladk Project:: a street art project that began last year from Al Balad Theater, that aims to celebrate the relation between people & places where they live through art, emphasizing on the universal concept “Art For all”, that promotes the right of exploring public art regardless social levels or any other differences.

WOW (Women On Walls):  A first phase of WOW has successfully been implemented in Egypt during spring 2013.  WOW wants to strengthen the female graffiti artists and their continued work, in order to form a more visible female presence in the streets of the Middle East.