Baladak 2013

    بلدك  BALADAK  experimental project


The idea started in 2013, with an initiative by Al Balad Theater’s friends & volunteers, to link the area of al Balad Theater’s artistic & cultural visions & aims with the community, through arts.

Expressing feelings related to urbanism, what streets & areas mean for each of us through “Art For All” as a universal concept, which emphasizes the right of being exposed to art regardless social levels and other differences.

Al Balad Theater succeeded to present a unique cultural experience entitled “BALADAK” in 2013.

  • Place: Al Balad Theater street.
  • Date: May 11, 2013
  • Idea: Manifesting relation with areas & urbanism through street arts.
  • Audience: all people from different age ranges & backgrounds.
  • Vision: Local youth contribution in the city’s cultural rhythm through their different art formations, which enhances their loyalty towards building a culture that represents them & speaks their language..

Al Balad theatre is a multi-purpose artistic and community space established by renovating an old cinema house in down town Amman built in the 1940’s. The space aims to promote young artists from Jordan and the region by presenting their works, providing rehearsal space, and contributing to strengthening the cultural movement in Jordan through interaction and cooperation with all performing art groups, NGOs, and individuals, public and private, in Jordan, the region, and the world.